Featured Dancer-Katerina Greene

For those who absolutely must dance!

Main Street Studios is doing a new thing this year-every month, we will be showcasing one featured dancer from the Lakeway area so show how colorful and talented our community is. With several dance facilities in Hamblen county, a fantastic theatre and arts community and a growing population of transplants-our sleepy mountain town is moving to a new groove.  Let's hear all about the fabulous gymnast who 'turned out' to be a dancer, too-
Katerina Greene!

1. Tell us a little about your history. How did you get started in dance? How long have you been dancing for? 

I have always been a go getter- I am 14 years old, I started competitive gymnastics in 2015 and loved it! It became my entire life for the next year and a half. In July of 2016 I had been experiencing horrible back pain. A visit to my Orthopedist confirmed I fractured my L4 vertebrae and had a slippage of my L5 vertebrae. That was the day I had to say goodbye to gymnastics. After taking three months off I decided to try dance! I started dance at the age of 13 at Dance Elite and have been dancing for one and a half years. I started by just wanting to do ballet but I decided to try different genres of dance and absolutely fell in love! I take Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Lyrical/Contemporary. To be a great dancer it takes time and lots and lots of practice! Currently I take 16 hours of dance a week.

2. What is the main difference between being a Gymnast and being a Dancer? 

In gymnastics it’s always a competition. In dance it is  too, but in dance I feel like you can express yourself more and enjoy the time when you let yourself feel the music!

3. What are a few challenges you have overcome as a dancer? 

Being too hard on myself-sometimes I think that I should be perfect but I have to remember I have only been taking dance for a year and a half! It’s also really hard to not get caught up in the corrections and just all the negative comments...Comparing yourself to other people in classes, Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses but just focus on being the best you! With hard work and determination you can overcome anything!

4. Favorite style of dance? Why?

Jazz, and Contemporary! I love jazz because it is intense and there are lots of sharp movements, tricks, and turns! You can also be really sassy and have a fun time during combos! I really love contemporary because you can express yourself in any emotion, you can be sad, happy, mad, etc. Contemporary is also the genre of dance that I can let myself go and not worry about anything else! 

5. What do you like to do outside of the studio when you aren't dancing?

When I am not at the studio I like to dance! I also love to hangout with friends and go shopping. In the summer I like swimming and doing anything outdoors!

6. Favorite music, movie and TV? 

Pop music, Christian Contemporary. I love any song by the Sweeplings, the list could go on forever! My favorite movie is The Age of Adaline, and Disney. I love Criminal Minds, Stranger Things, And any medical or mystery show.

7. What do you want to do when you get older?

I have always wanted to do something in the medical field, most likely Nurse Practitioner. Recently I haven’t really been sure though. I now am thinking about majoring in dance and doing something in the dance Industry! I still have a couple more years to decide, but I know God has a plan and will bless me with something I enjoy!

I am so happy and blessed to have found another passion that I love so much! Dance will always push my limits...I will continue to work my hardest to be a great dancer and student! I think anything is possible with hard work, determination, drive, positivity, passion, and God! I look forward to many more years of dancing! I want to give a huge thanks to my dance teacher Marley Whitmer, Penny Solomon, and my parents for help making this all possible and supporting me in whatever I choose to do and work towards!

Katerina dances for Dance Elite and is a member of the Elite Company Competition Squad where she is performing six numbers this season. She is so excited for her bright future-so are we!!

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