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I'm Logan!

I am the new in house-makeup artist here at Ashley Lodge Photography. I am so grateful to be given such an incredible opportunity to share my art with a larger audience. Ashley and I met during community theatre productions and through the years we bonded. Eventually, Ashley asked me to be her assistant at shoots and, as they say, the rest is history!

Being the subject

This month, I finally had a chance to be the model and know what it's like experiencing being the subject of Ashley's art. I wanted the shoot to represent my biggest influences and deepest passions. What unfolded was a magical day filled with colorful makeup, endless laugher and some incredible art.

To be as bold as your eyeshadow

Urban Decay Cosmetics, recently collaborated with my favorite female beauty influencer, Kristen Leanne. Kristen is a cruelty-free influencer who has a large following on both her Instagram and YouTube platforms. The collection that they created immediately caught my eye, and I knew that I needed to get my hands on it. She released two eyeshadow palettes (one filled with an array of bold colors and one composed of some neutral matte shades), a highlighter palette, and several bullet and liquid lipsticks. Kristen is such an inspiration to me because she is an example that the beauty industry can thrive thoroughly without animal testing, she is always unapologetically herself, and she is never afraid to dive into some bold colors for her makeup looks!

Being authentic and loving yourself

On the search to becoming my authentic self, I always sought advice from Jeffree Star,
another beauty influencer who is not afraid to speak his mind and be unapologetically himself. Jeffree owns his own cosmetics company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics.  He has a few eyeshadow palettes, many liquid lipsticks that also work as eyeliners, and an array of blinding highlight compacts. Ashley loves to incorporate personal and meaningful items in photoshoots. We managed to capture one of my absolute favorite photos while I was gazing into a Jeffree Star Cosmetics mirror.

Before we finished up the shoot, I decided to switch up my lip color from a neutral pink shade to a bold ivy green shade from JSC’s line (Crocodile Tears – my FAVORITE). If I’ve learned anything from Jeffree Star, it’s to speak up for what you believe in. Those two lessons have impacted my life greatly during the last two years.

As we wrapped up our session, Ashley and I both had huge smiles on our faces because we knew we had just created something beautiful. I had finally learned to be myself and nothing less. That may not seem hard to some, but for a male makeup artist who comes from a small Tennessee town, that’s quite difficult. I was always under the impression that men in makeup and those in the beauty industry were frowned upon. Well, thankfully, that’s not the case! Some of the most successful people in the beauty community are guys – Manny MUAJames Charles, Jeffree Star, Wesley Benjamin Carter – and they all wear makeup! Many of the

most famous makeup artists are also men – Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian’s personal
artist) and Etienne Ortega (Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, and Paris Hilton) to name a few!

Looking toward the future

As Ashley and I continue to bring premier photography and beauty experiences to the Lakeway area, I hope to influence and inspire others just like Kristen Leanne and Jeffree Star have me. The stigma that males do not belong in the beauty industry needs change-and I am here to prove that – starting in East Tennessee! I know that with Ashley by my side, we will be able to bring some experiences to the table that will shake the area and break some boundaries. That’s what art is about, am I right? Make sure to keep a watch on this blog over the coming months because I will continue to share experiences, influences, and tips with everyone willing to listen! <3

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