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2018-A year for transformation

Resolutions, or lifestyle overhaul?
Which are you needing for success in 2018? 

It is here! The day we all resolve to change something about ourselves, and then swiftly abandon the idea within 24 hours. Well, at least, 80% of us according to some studies. How on earth does that happen?
Here at Main Street Studios, we are no strangers to grit and constitution, we like to think that is why after years of hard work, we are the best experience in town! So what about all those personal promises like 'I'm going to quit smoking!' or 'This year-no more fast food!'? Amber Shelton came by the studio to tell her story of what she believed would be an unlikely success dealing with her own personal struggle so many of us share-weight gain. 

"When I look at this, what comes to mind is, how did I let this get so out of hand?"

Amber Shelton holds onto a size 24 skirt from her past, a past that she looks back on with the temperance of a woman who holds no regret in her heart.  After her gastric sleeve surgery (an operation needed to save Amber's life), she has lost over 100lbs, and showing no signs of slowing down! Down to a healthy weight for her size, Amber is now a fitness enthusiast. "I just feel so much better now! I have SO MUCH energy!"

"I never imagined I would be inspiring others to do the same!"

At the heart of every great success is a desire to help those are struggling with similar tribulations. "I never set out to inspire anybody, but I have had so many messages from people telling me they didn't believe in themselves until they saw my success. It is unreal to me, I am so grateful to help others" 

Amber works out at Workout Anytime, lifting weights and inspiring even more people to follow in her footsteps. I have always said "Be kind to yourself, your current weight or body type is someone else's goal!" Amber is certainly setting the bar high, eating healthy, working out and taking care of her mind and body the best ways she knows how. 

"This is just the beginning, I have so much more to do, but I am happy where I am now, especially looking back. I feel like I can honestly say I love myself, and I am not sure I have ever felt that way before. Not wholly. Not like now." 

"The main thing I was lacking in my relationship with myself and others was confidence"

"People are beautiful at any size," Amber says, "I know women who were twice my size with ten times the confidence! People are not stupid, they can tell when you are faking it, and since I did not believe in myself, I was not attracting the people I wanted to." Amber says the real transformation has been deeper than skin, the thing that has changed the most is inside. "Your success is up to you, how you feel about yourself, how hard you are willing to work to change," Amber is aspiring to advocate healthy lifestyles and wants to help as many people as she can with the wisdom she was attained from her experiences. 

Eating clean and keeping a moderate workout routine seems to be sound advice, and it is advice like that that I myself followed several years ago when I was at the apex of my own weight gain. I lost nearly 100lbs myself and Amber and I both agree on the following plan:

Eating Right

Two of the biggest enemies to staying fit and keeping a healthy weight are Soda and Fast Food. Kicking these habits are easier than you think. Keeping a controlled diet comprised of home cooked meals (sometimes, if I am on the go-prepared food from the grocery store is a better alternative to any drive through!) Once you get accustomed to drinking water and eating healthy, you would be amazed how those pounds shed!

Moderate Work outs

Don't go insane! Part of the reason people give up on their resolutions so quickly is because of setting unreasonably high goals. Losing 2.5-3lbs per week is a healthy place to be, any more could potentially be dangerous for your health. Always consult your physician before beginning any workout routines, as every body is different. Stay healthy, stay safe, and most importantly-
DO NOT OVER DO IT. A hurt body is an unhealthy one!

Believe in Yourself

My father used to say "Beware of anything easy, it is usually no good. Stick with the tough stuff, it pays." Being strong means so much more than just lifting up a set of weights. It means keeping yourself on track, loving yourself first, and using confidence to guide your journey. Your desire has to be greater than your fear of failure, it absolutely must. You can do this. 

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